Wedding Photography 

I am relaxed and love capturing lots of natural, honest and fun candid moments from your wedding. The emotions of the day, both laughter and tears, are what I love about my job. 

While I take minimal posed group shots so you can spend your day with those you love, I do understand families often love them so I am more than happy for us to get the important ones. However, any longer than fifteen minutes and kids start to tantrum, legs start to ache and smiles become stiff and forced. Plus, I become enemy number one with all of your guests! With this in mind it's best to keep group shot lists short.

You'll have spent a lot of time planning and creating your wedding and it's wonderful to see ideas and imagination develop into your day. Those finer details are important, so if you lugged in slices of tree trunk, got your best friend to make you a quirky cake or are wearing a meaningful piece of jewellery I will make sure these are captured. 

After your day, you will receive a usb of edited, high resolution photos to print and share. You will be able to make your own album, print photos for frames or a scrapbook and post everything to social media. 

All your photos will also be on an online gallery for your friends and family to view, download and buy prints. However, if your vision is to have an album or a box of prints then we can absolutely do this, just let me know! 

I love to meet clients before we book but life is fast paced and planning a wedding can be hectic so if you don't have time to come and meet me I am more than happy to arrange a Skype chat instead. 

The most important thing is to find a photographer who's style suits what you are looking for, so if you like my photos then I would love to hear from you!